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Beat Back Pain – Dr. Devin Luzod, Las Vegas Chiropractor

beat back pain

Back-Breaking Statistics

  • Back pain is an epidemic among US adults.
  • 4 out of 5: Number of US adults who will experience lower back pain.
  • 45-64: Most common ages who suffer from back pain.
  • Most common cause of disability aged 45 and younger.
  • 2nd most common cause of lost work days.

Common Back Pain Triggers and Treatments

Condition: Muscle strains or ligamentous sprains
Cause: Forceful twist or pull causes muscle tear or sprain.
Treatment: Rest, Heat, and Ice.

Condition: Osteoarthritis
Cause: Gradual deterioration of spinal cartilage and joints over time.
Treatment: Anti-inflammatory medicine, Physical therapy, Exercise, Weight control, Pain relief procedures.

Condition: Herniated disc
Cause: Multifactorial, including heavy lifting, trauma, bad posture, and other factors,
Treatment: Rest, Core stabilization exercise, Physical therapy, Epidurals, Surgery (10% of cases).

Condition: Spinal Stenosis
Cause: Thickening ligaments, enlarged joints, and bony spurs cause narrowing of spinal column.
Treatment: Physical therapy, Epidurals, Anti-inflammatory medicine, Surgery.

Condition: Fibromyalgia
Cause: Cause unknown-rheumatic in nature. Involves widespread soft tissue pain.
Treatment: Pain medications, Anti-seizure medication, Physical therapy, Weight control and healthy diet

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