Arthritis Pain & Treatment
by NUCCA Chiropractor, Dr. Devin Luzod & Spinal Care of Nevada Las Vegas

Arthritis & NUCCA Chiropractic Treatments

For relief of arthritis pain and stiffness.

Arthritis affects millions throughout the world, however the cause of arthritis is not often explained. There is a cause and solution, and it’s not found in medications, surgery or learning to live with it. Arthritic relief is possible, as is restoring quality of life

Arthritis Pain Relief and Treatment

Doctors tell patients every day that they have arthritis, but they never tell them what’scausingthe arthritis pain and symptoms. Instead they will pass arthritis pain off as old age, and far too many people settle for that explanation. The truth is, arthritis isn’t an old age disease, arthritis is a young and middle age disease. The arthritic process starts 15-20 years before you feel it. But it’s so easy to ignore the warning signs of arthritis, that we are actually tricked in to thinking that we will all have arthritis pain some day. Well I don’t plan to, and many of my patients won’t have arthritis either.

Breaking down the word arthritis, “arth” means joint, and “itis” means inflammation. So if a person goes to their medical doctor and says, “Doc, my joints are all swollen,” the doctor performs some fancy tests and says, “Well you’ve got arthritis!” So basically you’re both saying the same thing, but now it sounds so official. Then people are often given Celebrex or the ill-fated Vioxx, which are proven to be no safer than over the counter pain killers (just 5 times more expensive), and will raise the risk of heart attack by 4 times. I assure you, the cause of arthritis and arthritis pain is not a lack of these drugs floating around in your blood stream.

How Can NUCCA and Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Arthritis Pain & Treatment in Las Vegas

Reprinted with permission from Daniel O. Clark, D.C.

The cause of arthritis pain is a lifetime of wear and tear that has finally caught up to us. If you take every knock, bump and whack you’ve ever had, it puts you into an unbalanced position. This causes tight and tense muscles, decreases circulation to the joints, and misalignments which leads to degenerated discs and worn away cartilage.

So the cause of arthritis is body imbalance, which can stay with you silently for years. The NUCCA examination procedures can measure for body imbalance, and the degenerative process of arthritis can be headed off well before it strikes. For patients who already have arthritic symptoms, the NUCCA Spinal Correction can provide relief. This correction will rebalance the head and neck, allowing the body to rebalance underneath, circulation will increase, and the healing process can occur. After the relief stage, you can rest assured your new body balance is slowing the arthritic degenerative process, preventing years of pain and suffering. The key to solving arthritis is getting to the real cause, and solving it without the use of harmful drugs and dangerous surgery. To be examined for Body Imbalance, contact our office, because arthritis is not something you have to learn to live with.

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